• Professional Website Design
  • Hosting & Email Support
  • Advanced HTML5 Animation
  • Professional Commercial Photography
  • Intelligent Copywriting that is and Search Engine Optimized
  • Mobile specific Site Design for Phone and Tablet
  • Traffic tracking


Reformats layout to the device it is viewed by

Desktop Responsive Design

Phone / Mobile

Responsive Design

Desktop Responsive Design

Phone / Mobile

Responsive Design

Weber Printing provides professional websites that are rich in content and stunning in graphics and photography.

Each site is uniquely configured to present content in a dynamic manner. Barry Weber will create a website that functions as your main sales tool.


Professional photography of product, manufacturing and location to ensure the website visually gives a professional impression of each business or service. This is in contrast to cheesy stock photos and templates that many try to get by pawning off as website designs.

In desperation to have something to sell people, there are many firms claiming special abilities to provide gimmicks to manipulate or guarantee web search returns. Unscrupulous sales people use banter terms such as back-linking, meta-tags, SEO, often claiming to work with Google directly to guarantee placement with search engines. These are useless with current search engines. There is no substitute for real content and effective copy writing.


Logos and graphics are professionally created in Adobe Illustrator and placed into the website with SVG - Scalable Vector Graphics. Providing small file size, display quality that is not compromised by how large or small the image is displayed by the final viewing device. The graphics backgrounds are transparent allowing better integration on color pages.


Animation creates movement and brings websites added liveliness. Canvas HTML5 animations created by Weber Printing flow smoothly without any frame to frame jerking in the manner outdated Flash Animations once did.


Each website is a front-burner project and often online in a matter of days. For first time websites, the site is designed live at the chosen domain name so the customer can review the progress and include input to bring the website to a finished project.


Mobile Devices phone or tablet have become the preferred way for viewing online content. Immediately when the iPhone appeared, Weber Printing began co-developing website designs that would load instantly on the iPhone and display graphics in H264 MPG4 files in HTML5.


Barry Weber has created  websites for local businesses in the Albany, Minnesota area, St. Cloud, Minnesota and throughout Minnesota and parts of Wisconsin. The variety of businesses he has designed for have built great insight to marketing all types of manufacturing industry, organizations, government as well as service and retail businesses.


Barry Weber began designing websites since 1997, long before many had an email account or been online. Experienced in typesetting and graphics from a printing background, using computerized typesetting equipment since 1979. Programming for Amiga computers and advanced excel spreadsheets as well as Filemaker Custom Database Developer. These skills come together to provide expert design and creation of websites for your business or organization.


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